• Volvo’s three-piece bumper is durable, with easy end-cap replacement in case of damage.
  • Integrated bug screen keeps insects and debris out of the engine compartment and cooling system.
    Charge-air protection plate shields charge-air cooler and radiator package from damage by road debris.
  • Rubber isolators allow the hood to flex independently for increased durability.
  • Wiper arms fold forward for easy windshield cleaning. Easier access to windshield wiper assembly means less removal time for wiper motor.
  • Convenient Light Control Panel offers greater reliability and simpler serviceability.
  • Front axle suspension features a maintenance-free rubber bushing standard, with optional unitized hubs designed by Volvo specifically for VN and VT models.
  • Internal door hinges maintain better alignment and are protected from the weather for longer life.
  • Color-coded air lines and push-in fittings simplify brake inspection and maintenance.
  • Pass-through locations on the bulkhead are kept to a minimum and are always fastened with sealed fittings.
  • Bulkhead pass-through ports are labeled on both connection points for technician convenience.
  • Chassis routing and clipping ensures that air and electrical lines do not rub against the chassis or other components.
  • Spoon brackets hold lines away from the frame to ensure proper support and eliminate failures from chafing.
  • Optional factory installed inverter located on the chassis increases performance, is easily accessible for maintenance and frees up under-bunk storage space.