Engine Access


  • Hood release is integrated into the bottom of the steering column for easy access from the ground but still prevents unauthorized access to the engine compartment.
  • Electrical distribution center (fuse panel) is located in the middle of the dash for quick access to fuses and circuits.
  • Dash access panels are easy to remove.
  • Circuit descriptions are printed on the backs of access panels, and fuses are positioned for easy replacement.
  • Engine compartment housing offers easy access to the engine compartment without removal of the floor mat or seats.
  • Three-piece bumper is durable, with easy end-cap replacement in case of damage.
  • Hood opens to a full 60 degrees for easy engine access and radiator removal.
  • Tilt spring and gas assist cylinders plus an easy-grip handhold allow the hood to be raised with just one hand.
  • Headlight bulbs are easy to replace without tools.
  • Hood splash shields minimize road spray in the engine compartment for longer component life and a cleaner maintenance environment.
  • Splash shield on VNL models is easier to remove for better access to the engine compartment.
  • Front half of the VNL splash shield tilts up with the hood to give the technician more room to work.
  • Fuel lines are routed higher in the chassis for easy access.
  • Fuel tank filler location is easy to access from the back of the cab on either side of the vehicle.
  • Standard ABS module is positioned to be easily accessible for service.