The Volvo VT 880 is a premium-size, dual sleeper with a high-profile look and all the space, comfort and storage you expect from Volvo. And notice that striking exterior. With all its chrome and brightwork, the 880 will always be the best-looking truck in the passing lane.

But style is only half the story. There’s a reason for the 880’s long hood: power. Power from a standard 16-liter Volvo engine with up to 600 horsepower and 2,050 lbs.-ft. of torque.

The Volvo VT 880 is built to protect the comfort and safety of the driver. It conserves fuel by reducing wind resistance. The lines of the 880 are sleek and smooth, with rounded corners, recessed door handles and wedge-shaped headlights to lessen wind resistance. The welded cab ensures that there are no rivets to catch the wind and slow you down. And the Volvo design allows you to specify a shorter wheelbase, so the gap between cab and trailer can be minimized for less air turbulence.

To help keep the powerful big block engine running at peak efficiency, we’ve made sure it gets all the cooling it needs. The front bumper is designed with an opening that allows more airflow to the engine compartment, and the bumper’s rolled-under center section improves the channeling of air under the cab.

If you’ve always loved the impressive look and power of a long-haul truck but have longed for the kind of driver and passenger comfort that only Volvo delivers, this is the truck for you.