The Volvo VT 880 is our top-of-the-line sleeper, offering all the space, luxury and power you expect from Volvo. The longer hood means you can specify a bigger engine with a bigger cooling package, such as our 16-liter, 600-hp Volvo D16 engine. That way you’ll have the extra muscle to move heavier loads or doubles over long distances and up steep grades. The 77" raised-roof sleeper cab is as spacious as it is luxurious, with over 520 cubic feet of living space in your choice of beautifully coordinated interior design packages. And with all its chrome, comfort and power, the VT 880 is a shining example of what a long haul truck can be.

A classic look. Incredible power. And unmatched luxury and comfort. With the Volvo VT 880, you’ve arrived at the sweet spot of every feature you’ve ever wanted.

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