The Volvo VT 880 aggressively protects the comfort and safety of the driver. It works hard to keep you alert and in control when you’re behind the wheel. And it maintains an environment that’s always elegant, organized and space-efficient.

Best of all, the 77" raised-roof sleeper cab gives you more living room than you ever thought possible in a Class 8 truck. With over 374 cubic feet of sleeper space and over 520 cubic feet of total living space, there’s plenty of room to stand, sit, walk around and stretch out. The 880’s high ceiling eliminates any sense of being closed in, and there’s a skylight at the front plus two windows on each side wall to keep the cabin feeling open and bright.


The standard workstation doubles as your dining table and office desk. After supper, the bench seats quickly convert to a full-length lower bunk. The upper bunk folds down from the back of the cab, and a foldaway ladder allows easy access. The vertical cabinet system can be configured to suit your storage needs, with solid doors to keep your possessions safe and secure. Appliance options include a sink and refrigerator, with space for your microwave and TV/VCR.

When it’s time for lights out, there’s both a sleeper curtain and a wraparound windshield curtain to assure undisturbed relaxation. Each bunk has a well-placed reading lamp, and there are options for task and mood lighting throughout the cab. Control panels are located in the sleeper area as well as on the dash for handy lighting and temperature control.

With the 880, you’ll be able to choose from three handsome interior design packages. As is fitting for Volvo’s top-of-the-line truck, the 880 even offers an upscale tan interior, with leather seats and brick-colored accent trim.